09 Jan 2018
2018_01_09 - Coca-Cola Gets Its Own Bespoke Typeface — The TCCC Unity Font

Coca-Cola Gets Its Own Bespoke Typeface — The TCCC Unity Font

Coca-Cola has created its own bespoke font for the first time in its corporate history, joining other brands like Intel’s Clear font, Airbnb, GE (Inspira), Nokia and BMW in having its own typeface.

Revealed at an event this weekend by James Sommerville, vice president of global design at Coca-Cola, the new font is known as TCCC (an acronym for The Coca-Cola Company) Unity.

It was registered as a trademark last July and revealed on January 5th by Sommerville, who explained on his Instagram account: “Geometric flair and circularity drawn from the archive form the basis of the Latin script; a large x height ensures it works in physical and digital environments.”

Sommerville told an audience at MODA that TCCC Unity “encapsulates elements from Coca-Cola’s past and its American Modernist heritage.” His Instagram post shows a variety of different versions of the font, including bold and italicised versions of TCCC-Unity.

The font is being highlighted at a pop-up exhibition at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), where it was revealed in a design talk.

It also has its own iOS app, which describes it as follows:

The app explains the ethos behind TCCC Unity, the bespoke typeface designed by Brody Associates with The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Design Team. The creators tell how the typeface’s personality came from the company’s visual heritage.

The designers drew inspiration from the Coca-Cola archive in Atlanta to create a future-facing, cross-platform font that honours that heritage but that works across media, from print to digital, and at all sizes. Key sections of the app include:

About Unity – the new typeface by Brody Associates for The Coca-Cola Company

The Essence of Coca-Cola – a selection from the archive that influenced the typeface

A Taste of Unity – detailing the typographic DNA of the new typeface

Typographic Ingredients – TCCC Unity’s styles, weights and specimens

Unity Stories – a unique collection of interviews about the typeface and only available on the TCCC Unity app, with James Sommerville, Vice President of Global Design at The Coca-Cola Company; Neville Brody, CEO & Creative Director at Brody Associates; Luke Prowse, Senior Type Designer at Brody Associates and Ted Ryan, Director of Heritage Communications at The Coca-Cola Company.

The TCCC Unity app and its content are designed to appeal to those with a keen interest in design and typography as well as creative arts students and the wider public.



Source: brandchannel.com
By Shirley Brady